Everyday life is interesting; more interesting than we give it credit for.  Life can also be stupid and silly.

For me, oftentimes I find myself focusing on the silliness and/or stupidity of things that most people overlook.  I haven’t fully decided if this is a good thing or a bad thing.  I also have an overwhelmingly warped sense of humor.  I witness things, think about them, think about them some more, and around my third think they are funny…at least to me.

So within the confines of this blog I throw my observations and musings of the banal into the meat-grinder that is my sense of humor, and the literary-sausage that emerges is hopefully funny and not too wordy.

Things I might write about, in no particular order, with no particular frequency or guarantee of recurrence:

-I’m married.

-I’m a mom….of 2 young kids.

-I work.  That’s right, I’m a working mom.

-I like to cook & eat.

-I enjoy beer.

-My attic is a mess.

-I need to lose weight/exercise more.

-I have an almost unhealthy interest in personal finance.

-I like to garden, albeit in a half-ass manner.

-I can fix stuff around the house, and often do.

Anything I haven’t listed is also a possibility.  As of this writing I’ve either forgotten about it or it hasn’t happened yet.

One thing that I can promise is that I will try my hardest to “keep it banal.”  I will do my best to avoid anything super serious, political, religious, celebrity-based, or anything that’s national news.  I don’t care much for inciting rage on any side of any issue, even if I do feel strongly in my personal beliefs.  More importantly, I feel that major or inflammatory topics go against the spirit of this blog.  Big answers to big questions will not be answered here.

What others might find banal, I will likely find interesting, and hopefully you will find funny.


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